Josh Groban just released a 30 second tease of his “Beauty and the Beast” song and it’s music to our ears

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast hits theaters next month so basically, we’re getting more excited by the second. And since music is such a huge reason why we love the original film, the news that Josh Groban has a song on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack came with squeals of joy. And now, we can finally hear a teaser of what song Josh is singing.

As a Valentine’s Day gift to the world, Josh Groban tweeted out a link to 30 seconds of pure joy — aka his song that appears on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack titled “Evermore” (Dan Steven’s The Beast will actually sing it in the movie).

Take a listen. Actually, maybe listen a few times because it’s only 30 seconds.The sweeping, operatic quality of the song is exactly what you’d expect from Josh Groban, and we love it.

The title song for the film is a duet between popular artists John Legend and Ariana Grande, which luckily has already been released and you can listen to right now. The two do a touching version of the song that you probably remember singing along to as a kid. Take a listen.

Wow. Are you crying too? Luckily, you can view the entire track listing and pre-order the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack now, which will be released the same day as the film. Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson and will smoothly dance into theaters on March 17th.