Josh Gad’s auto-tuned version of “Beauty and the Beast” should be played in every club

We’re not sure if his character of LeFou has a lot of musical opportunities in the upcoming movie, but Beauty and the Beast‘s Josh Gad sang Disney songs last night on The Tonight Show and impressed us quite a bit. Okay, so it was for a game. And okay, so he was very heavily auto-tuned. I guess it’s safer to say that we were impressed with his sense of humor, most of all.

The game was called “Box of Microphones,” and Gad and Fallon seemed to have an amazing time with it.

Each microphone in the box had a different vocal effect, so Gad and Fallon had no clue what they were getting into before belting out their tune.

Gad seems to know all of the words to “Do You Want To Build A Snowman,” even without the use of a prompter. It’s probably because — well — he’s Olaf.

But of course, it’s the “Beauty and the Beast theme” duet that really had us cracking up. Fallon and Gad getting so into it (and kneeling on the floor during the big moments) made it so much better. We’re sure that the laughs were definitely important to Gad, who has been defending unsettling press about his character in the film.

Josh Gad’s LeFou is being reported as the first openly gay Disney character in a Disney movie, which is pretty historical. But unfortunately, many theaters are attempting to boycott the film since they disagree with this angle.

We’re so happy that he’s truly supporting the film, and open to talking about how LeFou is such an important part of it. Between his encouragement and his auto-tune skills, he’s proven that he’s one stand up guy.

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