Josh Gad has been surprising “Beauty and the Beast” audiences, and we’re jealous

Josh Gad may play LeFou in Beauty and the Beast, but in real life, it would seem the actor is more the fairy godfather type. Because instead of kicking up his feet and enjoying the new film’s smashing success from home, Gad has been surprising fans at screenings of the movie. Between stealing a few handfuls of popcorn from audience members to giving a big birthday hug to one really, ~really~ luck theater-goer, we’d say the 36-year-old actor really lived up to the flick’s “be our guest” mentality!

Gad, along with a few of the lucky fans, documented his several visits on Instagram with a few funny videos and quick snapshots. The first stop on his list was AMC Theatre’s 34th Street location in New York, followed by a quick trip over to the Regal Cinema on 42nd.

Like we mentioned before, one lucky audience member got the present of a lifetime when the actor realized it was her birthday.

“Oh my god it’s your birthday?! Do you want a warm hug? Come here!” Josh said, alluding to his beloved Olaf character from Frozen.

But of course, Gad didn’t stop there. He spent the remainder of the weekend making surprise cameos in Orlando, Fla.

In fact, the ~best~ drop-in of all may have been at a certain Orlando cinema in which he spurred a “Gaston” sing-a-long with full audience participation.

Whew, those pipes! The boy can sing!

But the luckiest Beauty and the Beast fans of all weren’t even at the theater this weekend. No, they just happened to be dining at Disneyworld’s Be Our Guest restaurant at exactly the right time when Josh came by to serenade the dinner goers (as one does). Yup, the cheery actor belted out, “Be Our Guest” as he galavanted through the restaurant of uber excited Disney fans, even stopping to give a few high fives along the way.

Well, no one may be slick or quick like Gaston, but apparently, no one’s as unabashedly charming as LeFou!

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