Josh Gad *really* wants Daisy Ridley to tell him about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and it’s hilarious

Just like the rest of us, Josh Gad wants to know about The Last Jedi and he’s willing to annoy his co-stars and go to extreme lengths to find out any info he can.

It was announced by Disney this week (January 23rd) that the title Star Wars Episode VIII would be The Last Jedi. What’s more, we even got (very very very) small taste of the movie’s iconic title scroll. Of course, with a anything to do with Star Wars, there are LOADS of questions and theories as to who thelast Jedi” is, or indeed, who the “last Jedi” are.

Well, it seems the actor Josh Gadis just as curious as all of us.

However, unlike us mere mortals, Gad has direct access to a Force wielding person themselves: Daisy Ridley.

Gad, who is most known as the voice of Olaf in Frozen, is currently filming the remake of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit, Murder on the Orient Express, alongside Star Wars’ own Daisy Ridley. With the fate of the galaxy on his shoulders, Gad decided that he’d set himself the task of interrogating Ridlsey as to what she knows about the title.

In an Instagram video, Ridley can be seen arriving at Gad’s trailer after being lured there on false pretences.

"Had an important question to ask you and I’m so sorry, I meant to call you last night, Gad says to Ridley when she arrives. "It’s about today’s scene: Who are the last Jedi?

Understandably, Daisy Ridley is having none of it. Giving Gad a hilarious death star(e), she says pointedly:

"We're not doing this, Josh."

Despite her insistence, however, Gad is unrelenting.

"Is it one [Jedi], or is it more than one? Gad asks. “I need it to in order to figure out what we’re doing on the train today," he continues. "So is it plural? … Is it ominous? It sounds ominous. Does something happen to you and Mark [Hamill], or just Mark? Are you a Jedi? Answer my damn question, Daisy!

Watch the hilarious exchange below.

We have to say, we’re pretty impressed with Daisy Ridley’s reserve. We know that we’d just want to tell EVERYONE about what was coming up. However, we’re pretty sure she must have signed some watertight contract where if she even mutters one word about the plot, Darth Vader will swoop in and, well, you can imagine the rest…

It seems, then, that Josh Gad, just like the rest of us, will have to wait until December 15th to find out who exactly is/are the last Jedi. We’re counting down the days!

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