JGL’s musical ode to moms = pure heartwarming hilarity

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has one again reminded us just how much we love him, and through song, no less. This Friday’s episode of his variety series Hit Record On TV is all about moms, so JGL teamed up with The Gregory Brothers to bring us our new fave song about moms. It will make you laugh, it will give you feels, and it will make you fall even more in love with one of our favorite feminists. Know what makes JGL love a woman most? When she’s a mom kissing boo-boos and giving her kids unconditional love.

Remember a few years ago when SNL did that Digital Short about “Motherlovers?” Well, JGL’s “Sexy Motha” song is kinda like that, but way better (sorry, Justin and Andy). The idea behind the song is the same — loving moms. But JGL’s reasons for loving moms include the fact that they get to read Dr. Seuss out loud, have a big, fat vocabulary, and become simply irresistible pushing a toddler on a tire swing.

Honestly, it’s about time moms get the slow jam song they deserve. Because you know what? There is nothing sexier than a woman who is raising a child, aka, raising the future of the human race. So let JGL into your heart, and the next PTA meeting. And grandmas? Twice as hot, because that’s two generations of loving offspring with all her heart.

You can check out the video below, and if you need more mom-loving the “RE: Your Mom” episode of Hit Record on TV airs this Friday on Pivot.

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