Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be Mindy’s husband in new season of ‘The Mindy Project’

Whoa, did that get your attention? It’s true. When The Mindy Project starts up again — on its new home, Hulu — one of our faves, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will find himself hitched to Mindy Lahiri. Move over, Danny Castellano, because there’s a new leading man in town.

If this sounds too good to be true, and like some amazing alternate reality, weeelllll… it is. The real life Mindy, Mindy Kaling, loves romantic comedies — a trivia fact everyone, everywhere should by now. With that in mind, the start of Season 4 will pay homage to one of the best rom-coms ever: 1998’s Sliding Doors. It’s a movie about fate, destiny, and how one tiny little action can change the course of everything.

As BuzzFeed reports, when Season 4 picks up we’ll be treated to an “alternate-reality version of Mindy” where Danny is completely out of the picture. Instead, she’ll be married to Matt — played by JGL — who is a “suave reality show producer for Bravo.” A suave reality show producer? So you mean he’ll not only wine and dine Mindy, but then take her to meet all the Real Housewives, too? Yes, that sounds like Mindy Lahiri’s dream.

Mindy Project will drop on Hulu sometime later this year and Season 4 will be super-sized. Last year (on Fox), Mindy had 21 episodes. Now, Hulu’s giving Mindy and everyone else at Shulman & Associates a whopping 26!! And you know what that means? More episodes for us to binge.

(Image via FOX.)

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