Here’s who Joseph Gordon-Levitt played in “The Last Jedi,” because you most definitely missed his cameo

Did you hear the out-of-this-world news? A certain actor-slash-internet-boyfriend has a cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you might have missed it! Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears in The Last Jedi and no, we’re *not* making this up.

It’s totally okay if you don’t know who Joseph Gordon-Levitt played in The Last Jedi, BTW. Even if you love him as much as we do, he was pretty well-hidden! In fact, he was hiding in plain sight. Are you ready to find out who he played?

JGL voiced Slowen-Lo, who appears in Canto Bight.

To be clear, he is *not* the one who tries to make a slot machine out of BB-8. He is, instead, the tall alien with the strange “Foghorn Leghorn”-type accent that alerts the police to an illegally parked Resistance shuttle. And even if he is kind of a narc, we still love him. Because, hello, JGL!

Director Rian Johnson probably snuck JGL in as an Easter egg to fans. After all, the pair have worked together before. Gordon-Levitt starred in Johnson’s Brick and the mind-bending Looper, which involved time travel and assassins and a fake nose to make him look like a young Bruce Willis, who plays the older version of his character in the movie.

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is far from the only celeb cameo in the film. Princes William and Harry, Justin Theroux, Tom Hardy, Gary Barlow, and more appear briefly in the film — even Mark Hamill has a second, secret role as CGI character Dobbu Scay. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you’re watching again and again (and again).