Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays drums in the subway, and it’s almost too much for us to handle

Ever since 500 Days of Summer changed our worlds, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become kind of a phenomenon. He’s come to represent our favorite wanderlust-fueled, coffee-loving, ukulele-playing hipster. He’s the feel of cartwheels on the beach, polka-dotted high waisted shorts, of cutting your own bangs

Which is why we’re going absolutely crazy for this clip of him playing drums on a subway platform like it’s no big thing.

He is clearly having the BEST time (not to mention he’s pretty freaking awesome at drumming) and we love that he is so excited to share the experience with us!


The performance was part of a project called Everyday Spectacular created by his production company, HitRecord. The HitRecord website describes the project as a way for artists to capture larger-than-life performances. He said, 

“I want to challenge musicians, singers, dancers, and performers of any kind to go into an ordinary setting, and make a spectacular moment out of that everyday situation.”

You can sing, dance, play around, dress up in costumes, do any kind of extraordinary activity. These performances will be recorded from the standpoint of a passerby.

How everyone refrained from bombarding Gordon-Levitt with requests for selfies and/or marriage proposals is beyond us, but we did laugh when a man on the train told him he looked like Pee Wee Herman…a connection we weren’t necessarily trying to make about one of our biggest crushes ever, but that we now can’t unsee.

We are so excited for this project (as well as to have verifiable proof that JGL is just as adorable as ever).