Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum are teaming up for a musical comedy, and it already sounds like the best thing ever

Today, in movies-that-we-can’t-believe-are-actually-happening: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum will be starring in a Universal movie musical together. Cue the fangirl screams.

Not only will the duo be acting side by side, but Joseph is also in early negotiations to be sitting in the director’s chair. For some, it might be an overwhelming amount of work, but not Joseph. He’s done this before in Don Jon, and it was great.

The JGL/Channing Tatum flick will be an R-rated musical comedy with the tentative title, Wingmen.

The name is fitting: The movie is about two pilots who crash land in Las Vegas. According to Variety, the vibe will be Book of Mormon meets Pitch Perfect. And pop music fans will be delighted to hear that the soundtrack will be Top 100 hit songs. We can hardly wait.

And in case you didn’t know — both Channing and Joseph have plenty of musical experience on their resumes. You’ve most likely seen Channing bust a move in Step Up. But Joseph has also sung live on his show, HitRecord.

One thing: You might not want to get too excited just yet. Since Channing is about to start filming Paramount’s Triple Frontier, it’s likely this movie won’t start production for a good long time.

Until then, we can always re-watch Magic Mike.

 Heck, we’d do that even if there wasn’t a new movie in the offing. Seriously, could our crush on these two get any more intense? We can’t wait for more news on Wingmen!