Jordan Peele’s Oscar statue is sitting next to the freakiest thing in his house

Jordan Peele made history on Sunday, March 4th, when he took home the award for Best Original Screenplay for Get Out (he is the first black screenwriter to win in this category). But when he got home that night, he put his statuette in the creepiest part of his home: right next to the chair from Get Out. Yes, Catherine Keener’s hypnotic “sink into the floor” chair from Daniel Kaluuya’s most gif-able moment in the movie.

Peele posted a photo of his Oscar statue next to his Emmy award, with the silly caption: “This is exactly what it looked like watching my wife give birth.” The internet quickly noticed that behind both awards lurked a distressed leather armchair. Someone tweeted at him: “Loving that GET OUT lookin chair,” to which Peele responded: “Btw that IS the GET OUT chair.”

First of all, what a great bit of film history to have in his home. Second of all, WHAT? Do people come visit and then just avoid ever sitting in the chair for fear that they will have their bodies snatched away from them?

To jog your memory, here is THE CHAIR in the film:

When Peele accepted his award, he told the audience: “This means so much to me. I stopped writing this movie about 20 times because I thought it was impossible.”

But after he left the stage, he tweeted the much more casual:

Peele has previously announced that he’s got four more socially conscious horror films that he calls “social thrillers” in the pipeline and plans to reveal them over the next decade. Get that mantle ready, Jordan, we’re certain your Oscar and Emmy figures are going to have a few more friends joining them.