Here’s everything we know about the horror movie Us—Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out

We officially have our first look at Jordan Peele’s next film…and it seems like we’re about to witness the worst family vacation in history. Since making his critically-acclaimed directorial debut with 2017’s Get Out, Peele has been one of the busiest people in Hollywood. While the writer-director is producing HBO’s Lovecraft Country, helmingthe CBSTwilight Zone remake, voicing a role in Toy Story 4, and creating a Netflix animated series with Keegan-Michael Key, he’s also been hard at work on his next movie.

In May, Peele confirmed he was working on his second feature film—also set within the horror genre—called Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker. Ahead of the movie’s first trailer (which is set to drop on 12/25), the director gave Entertainment Weekly a first look at the project“For my second feature, I wanted to create a monster mythology,” Peele told the magazine. “I wanted to do something that was more firmly in the horror genre but still held on to my love of movies that are twisted but fun.”

While the plot details for Us are still mostly under wraps, Peele and the cast gave EW a taste of what to expect from the film. Black Panther costars Nyong’o and Duke (who were also classmates at the Yale School of  Drama) play Adelaide and Gabe Wilson, a couple on vacation with their two children at Adelaide’s childhood beach home in Northern California. While the Wilson family to battles a host of personal demons, they’ll also face off against terrifying monsters known as “the Tethered.” Nyong’o ominously teased, “It turns into this relentless nightmare that taps into [Adelaide’s] deepest fears and ours as well—the idea that we might be our own worst enemies.”  

A fan of Get Out, Nyong’o told EW that working with Peele was on her “wish list,” adding that he gave her a list of classic horror films to immerse herself in before filming. “The very fact that I have not done anything like it was appealing, because it promised growth and excitement and new territory,” she said. Meanwhile, while Duke is best known for his role as M’Baku within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor won’t be channeling his inner warrior in the upcoming horror film, instead describing his character to EW as a Homer Simpson-esque patriarch.”

Peele has been keeping people on their toes with his, um, unorthodox personal marketing campaign.

The chilling first trailer for Us dropped on Christmas Day.

Us is set to hit theaters in March 2019.

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