Joni Mitchell models for Saint Laurent—it’s officially an epic week for fashion

First Joan Didion for Céline, now Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent: it has been, perhaps, the most wonderful week of all time for emotional fangirls everywhere. A few minutes ago, Saint Laurent Paris (formerly YSL) tweeted this glorious tweet, and the HelloGiggles office proceeded to freak out because we are very emotional people and this is just what we do when our girl heroes do cool things.

We know very little so far, but we’re going to go ahead and assume the collaboration is going to be wonderful (our fingers are crossed in hopes it’ll include new music for us to drink wine and weep to). The released photos—intimate black and white portraits of Mitchell playing guitar at her house in Bel Air, California—were shot by Hedi Slimane, the current creative director of Saint Laurent. Mitchell looks absolutely elegant in a folk tunic, leather cape, and an iconic, very YSL hat. As if that weren’t enough, additional studio portraits will also appear in this month’s V Magazine, which we will totally be stocking up on.

As someone who listens to Blue in the car on a regular basis (because I am perpetually feeling feelings and it’s just perfect driving music for LA, obviously), I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s hoping that this trend of featuring inspiring, beautiful, and brilliantly talented women of all ages continues forever.

Check out the other released photos below!