This incredible cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You’ will make your day

Joni Mitchell’s album Blue is one of the most heart-wrenching pieces of music ever recorded, and its song “A Case of You” has taken on a pop culture life of its own, inspiring a deconstructed cover by British electronica artist James Blake and, erm,  a romcom starring Justin Long. But now, another band has taken on the tricky song, and their cover will give you chills.

The Staves, whose new album If I Was dropped in March this year, are a trio of sisters from England whose voices work together in flawless harmony. Right now, they’re on the tour with another lady artist with powerhouse vocals — none other than Florence + the Machine — and rightly so, as their dreamy, femininity-centered folk tunes are totally in line with Florence Welch’s sound and image.

During a recent vocal warmup, The Staves broke out into a cover of “A Case of You,” and the results are utterly enchanting. In clearly practiced but not over-workshopped ease, the Staveley-Taylor sisters’ voices rise and fall in pitch perfect tune with each other; listen and marvel below:

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