Yes, there is a JonBenét Ramsey Lifetime movie and here is the chilling trailer

JonBenét Ramsey was a six year old girl found dead in her home in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. Her family came home to a ransom note, but she was found in the basement, brutally murdered. Her tragic death garnered massive media attention because of her visibility as a pageant girl, but the case was never solved. Now in the vein of Making a Murderer and The Jinx, a new Lifetime documentary seeks to dig into the case and find the answers about JonBenét’s fate.


The case was contentious not just because of the high tension of dealing with the death of a very young child, but because at first it was assumed the parents, or JonBenét’s nine year old brother, were to blame. It was theorized that her death was accidental, and the ransom note was staged to prevent anybody in the family from getting in trouble. After a ton of media attention, speculation, and police interviews with the family, they eventually found DNA from an unknown man on JonBenét’s body, and the family was cleared.

Even still, nobody knows what happened to JonBenét, and her case remains a source of curiosity even now, twenty years later.

The Lifetime movie may not provide answers, but it’s definitely a must watch for any fans of true crime stories. While “excited” maybe isn’t the right word, we’re looking forward to the premiere of this movie in November.

Check out the full trailer below!

If you can’t wait, you can also watch The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey on, or The Killing of JonBenét Ramsey: The Truth Uncovered on A&E, both of which were released this month.

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