Jonathan Van Ness just became Essie’s first non-female ambassador, and we’re cheering

Jonathan Van Ness is a gift from the goddesses. Whether he’s assisting with a glow-up on Queer Eye or talking about the importance of self-care, we always appreciate his positive attitude and endless supply of love. Which is why we’re thrilled that he just became nail polish brand Essie’s first non-female ambassador. Can we get a “yass, queen” or what?

“I’m so honored to announce I’ve teamed up with @essie as their first non-female ambassador in celebration of Pride!” JVN captioned his announcement on Instagram on June 6th. “For me, polish has always been a form of self-expression. Right now that means this mosaic rainbow mani moment. Wearing it proud!”

If you want to recreate the “mosaic rainbow mani moment” in his Insta pic, you can follow this tutorial. It uses seven gorgeous Essie shades, including a lavender hue called “play date,” a royal blue hue called “butler please,” and an orange hue called “tart deco.”

It sounds like JVN is going to have quite the busy Pride Month.

When asked what he’ll be doing, he told E! Online about his packed schedule.

"Really to not get dehydrated and not have too much fun. I'm really busy for Pride this year," he said. "I'm marrying people here, I'm doing fun Essie stuff. I'm really going to be all over the place for Pride, so I just have to drink lots of water and make sure that I get plenty of rest so I can be my bright bubbly self all over the place."

Whether it’s with more inclusive foundation shades or more diverse and realistic models in makeup campaigns, representation in beauty is so important. We’re cheering that Essie broke the mold and partnered with someone who doesn’t fit the “traditional” notion of a beauty influencer—because Jonathan Van Ness is beautitful both inside and out. Happy Pride Month, indeed.

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