Jonathan Bennett Reminded Us What Day It Is in a TBT Pic With ‘Mean Girls’ Costar Lacey Chabert

He paid tribute to their 16 years as BFFs.

We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Mean Girls, and so this Instagram post is so fetch. Jonathan Bennett (aka Aaron Samuels himself) just shared the sweetest throwback photo of himself with Lacey Chabert (aka Gretchen Wiener of the Plastics), revealing that the pair have been close friends ever since starring in the 2004 teen comedy, and this is the dose of happy we could all use today.

We can always count on the fictional North Shore High alum for a perfect throwback moment from the film, but his latest Instagram post pays tribute to his longtime friendship with Chabert. Of course the pair look picture perfect together, but it’s Bennett’s caption that has us shedding some happy tears.

Today’s #TBT is sponsored by love, he captioned a super cute selfie with his friend and Mean Girls co-star.

Sharing more about his truly fitting first meeting with Chabert, he wrote, “There are certain people that come into your life and it’s never the same again. 16 years ago this beautiful girl went shopping with me at the mall, and I was awestruck by her heart and her beauty.”

Of their long-term friendship, he wrote, “Little did I know that she would be a rock for me throughout the next 16 years and see me through the ups and downs of life and show business. She has stood by me and been a beacon of light and love when I have felt lost. So today I want to just send her extra love for just being her. The world is better because you are in it.”

Don’t mind us crying over here, we’ll just pretend it’s because we’re mourning our favorite white gold hoops.

Chabert took to the comments section to equally gush over her pal, writing, “This is the absolute sweetest. You’re so special and I love you.”

If this dose of nostalgia wasn’t enough to satisfy your eternal love of Mean Girls, Chabert’s latest Instagram post will definitely hit the mark. Ahead of Mean Girls Day on October 3rd, the actress posed in her signature pink sweater and white gold hoops (on a Wednesday, obviously!) to announce that Mean Girls-inspired Toaster Strudels are finally a thing.

And we’ve gotta say, we do actually think Gretchen’s father, the inventor of Toaster Strudels, would be pleased to hear about all of this.

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