The Jonas Brothers just dropped a music video starring their lady loves, and Twitter can’t cope

Ever since we collectively wept when the Jonas Brothers split back in 2013, we’ve been not-so-secretly hoping they’d reunite and bless us with new music. Rumors have swirled that the brothers were reuniting since early 2018 when their official Instagram page was mysteriously reactivated. And those reunion rumors were burnin’ up even more by the end of the year, hitting an all-time high in February when sources revealed that a comeback single was happening soon.

At long last, the Jonas Brothers have given us what we’ve been waiting for, dropping their new song “Sucker” on March 1st. Not only did they give us a brand new bop, but they also released a music video starring their partners Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas. It’s giving us so many Marie Antoinette/The Favourite vibes.

Naturally, Twitter is losing it over the JoBros reunion and the “Sucker” video.


It’s honestly hard to tell what people love more—the song, the video, or the sisterhood between the ladies.

And some people are just freaking out in general. (Which we also get.)

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No word yet on if a full album or tour is on the way, but we’re just happy to have these guys back in our lives. We’ve missed you.