Jon Stewart reunited with Stephen Colbert last night and it was classic

This week, Jon Stewart has been making surprise appearances on late night shows to raise awareness for the Zadroga Act, a piece of legislation that would extend coverage of health care costs for 9/11 first responders. First, he appeared in an emotional segment on The Daily Show, and last night he took over Stephen Colbert’s monologue on The Late Show.

Stewart casually wandered onto the stage while Colbert was doing his intro, dressed jeans and sporting a scruffy beard (hey, he’s retired), and gave his former Daily Show co-worker a big old hug. Obviously, a standing ovation from the audience ensued.

Next, to get his message across about the bill, he and Colbert decided to, in Colbert’s words, “Trump it up a bit.”

Armed with a blond wig and a bag of Cheetos, Colbert got Stewart ready to call Congress out. And he did, using some very Trump-esque language.

It was hilarious, it was important, and it was just so good to see these two geniuses reunited on TV.

(Image via Youtube)

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