Jon Stewart joined Larry Wilmore on ‘The Nightly Show’ and it was so, so good

It was a bummer when Larry Wilmore was given word that The Nightly Show was being cancelled. Even worse, he didn’t have much notice: the cancellation was made public on Monday, and his last show was this past Thursday. But that didn’t stop Wilmore from putting together one heck of a good finale — and that included getting his good friend Jon Stewart to come on stage and say a few good words (after, of course, trying to steal the champagne that was gifted to him regarding to the cancellation. Wilmore did get plenty of booze after the news was announced, so Wilmore probably wouldn’t have minded if Stewart took this joke one step further.)

At first, Stewart acted clueless about what was happening. But upon “learning” of the cancellation, Stewart asked him if he pissed off Peter Thiel — a joke referring to the recent Gawker bankruptcy and sale. But, jokes aside, Stewart still had a lot of amazing advice for his buddy.

“Do not confuse cancellation with failure,” Stewart advised. “What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully.”

Stewart also added a ton of compliments, obviously from the heart, to his farewell.

“You started a conversation that was not on television when you began, and you worked with a group of people who you invited to that conversation to collaborate with you, to sharpen that conversation,” he said. “..what you don’t realize is that when you walk out of here, that conversation doesn’t end.”

(Anyone else wondering if Jon Stewart is available as a life coach?)

While obviously upset — I mean, Wilmore will be missing out on coverage a bunch of great upcoming election coverage — Wilmore seems to be handling everything beautifully and professionally. Maybe the aforementioned boozy gifts are helping out with that.

No matter what, we know we’ll see Wilmore back on our screens sooner rather than later!

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