Jon Stewart excellently explains his post-Daily Show beard. We love him more.

What’s with all the beards, man? Every newly-off-the-air late night talk show host (well, David Letterman and Jon Stewart anyway) seems to have one. Is it their rebellious side, growing out?

Stewart addressed his post-TV beard at an appearance at George Washington University this weekend, Politico reports. And what he had to say made us want to give him a big hug.

“I grew a beard because everybody who quits a talk show grows a beard. Mine is white…I look old, right? It’s f*cking weird, right? Because when you’re on television they do makeup and the lighting is just right and you’re wearing a nice suit and everything and now you’re seeing me as I normally am,” Stewart said, poking fun at his unfamiliar beardy-beard.

And, well, a lot of humans have feelings about this. Behold.

“When people see me on the street, they always have the same reaction, when I’m not in my makeup and my show clothes and all that stuff,” he continued. “‘Oh, hey are you Jon Stewart?’ And I go ‘yeah.’ ‘Are you OK? Because it looks like you have hepatitis.’ ‘I’m just old.’”

We’re sure in the deepest part of our souls you look great IRL, Jon. I mean, honestly. But if you were wondering if Stewart is thinking of a return to the space behind the desk, he put that idea to bed.

“People ask me if I miss it and honestly, I don’t miss it at all. Because think about work, man. No matter how much you like work, there’s nothing better than not work,” Stewart said.

Fair point. We miss you though, just the same.

(Images via Twitter)