Welp, there’s a new “Game of Thrones” Jon Snow twist today

Oh, has it been like, five days without Jon Snow news? Too long. Good thing that’s about to change, since Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams just dropped some HUGE news about his fate when Game of Thrones show returns. If you’re planning to stay spoiler-free for Season 6, turn away now.

As you know, because everyone on the planet knows, Jon Snow was killed at the end of Season 5 by his comrades on the Night’s Watch. The season finale, “Mother’s Mercy” ended with him lying in a pool of his blood in the snow, and for the last eight months, his alive/dead state has been hotly debated (mostly because Kit Harington has been spotted, with long hair, around the GoT sets). As we inch closer to the premiere of GoT in April, be prepared for that to ramp up. Especially considering the info Williams just dropped.

Talking to The Upcoming at UK Critics’ Circle Awards 2016, Williams admits she feels “so mean” when people ask her about Jon’s fate, but she really can’t say anything about it. And then in the next breath she reveals something HUGE about it.

Williams, though she doesn’t come right out and say it, basically confirms that he’s going to be back for Season 6. She calls his return “a great twist,” before adding that she “can’t say he’s going to be alive.”

“Be alive.” What does that MEAN? Should we start preparing ourselves for Zombie Joe Snow? Un-Dead Jon Snow? Brought-Back-To-Life-By-Melisandre Jon Snow? Weekend-at-Bernie’s-Like Jon Snow? Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he still can’t play a huge role in the show. And if there’s any show that can figure out how to work in someone who’s dead, it’s Game of Thrones. We’ll find out exactly how it all happens April.

(Image via HBO)

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