This Jon Snow theory could have huge implications for tonight’s “Game of Thrones”

The question of Jon Snow’s parentage has been brewing since season one of Game of Thrones, and it might finally have reached a boil thanks to a new fan theory.

If you’re not familiar with the infamous R+L=J theory, it suggests that Jon is not the bastard of Ned Stark at all (which if so, maybe he could’ve let Cat know??), but in fact, the child of Ned’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryan (quick summary: Rhaeger was the heir to the Mad King and Dany’s older brother, supposedly a nice dude, killed by Robert Baratheon.) Rhaegar either kidnapped or ran away with Lyanna, who was reportedly in love with him. When Ned found Lyanna dead at the Tower of Joy, she was being guarded by Rhagar’s men, and there’s that whole mysterious “bed of blood” bit. Point is: Jon may actually be half-Stark (through Lyanna, not Ned) and half-Targaryan.

Of course, we’ve gotten some clues this season the answers to Jon’s parents might be coming down the pike, from Bran’s visions about the Tower of Joy to a certain fire-priestess being rather obsessed with our taciturn hero.  Now a Reddit commenter, jamieandclaire, has a theory that Winterfell holds the final clue to Jon’s future.

In the books, Jon repeatedly mentions having nightmares about going deep into the crypts beneath Winterfell and discovering something terrible. According to the Redditor, Jon Snow now has reason to visit the crypts to pay respects to both Ned and Rickon’s graves. The theory suggests that what he’ll find on some lower level is a grave reserved for him, naming his true parentage.View post on

It makes sense that Ned would at last want the truth known to the world (if not that he’d let a stone-cutter in on the story in order to make a grave.) Either way, there’s every indication that Jon Snow’s story this season, which started with a literal rebirth, is heading toward the truth of his real family history, and all that means for the brooding Lord Commander.

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