This Jon Snow supercut will let you relive his entire “Game of Thrones” story

[Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers below. If you haven’t seen the Season 6 finale, turn back now.]

We know we’re not just speaking for ourselves when we say that staring at Jon Snow ranks up there on our favorite-things-to-do list, alongside eating and sleeping.

But now that the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale has come and gone, we’re suffering some serious Jon Snow withdrawal — especially after watching the King of the North kick some serious butt in the “Battle of the Bastards.”

The Garo Studios has come to all our rescues with a new supercut of Jon Snow, a three-minute-long video that follows the new king’s journey through the series, including his birth, life, his death, his resurrection, and his “coronation.” The supercut skims all the emotional highlights over the past six seasons leading up to this point, including Jon and Ned’s last scene together, when Ned promised Jon that next time he saw him, he would tell him about his mother. It also includes the revelation that Jon’s mother is Lyanna Stark, which is one half of the fan theory R+L=J—that Jon is part Stark and part Targaryen.

Get your fill of Kit Harington below:

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