Jon Snow finally admitted that he makes an appearance on “Game of Thrones” Season 6

Finally, after months and months of speculation — not to mention driving ourselves crazy over lingering questions — we’ve got a firm answer as to whether or not Jon Snow makes an appearance during the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. 

And the answers is……… okay, this is probably a spoiler, so turn away, LAST CHANCE!

Jon Snow comes back! As a Jon Snow Corpse!

Talking to Time Out London, Kit Harington finally confessed that he’ll show up in Season 6. Playing himself. Just playing himself, but, you know, dead.

“I filmed some scenes of me being dead,” He explained to the magazine, and then quipped, “It’s some of my best work.”

Well, it only took ten months to get that piece of information. Also, wasn’t this kind of assumed all along? Unless Game of Thrones picks up some time in the future well after the Night’s Watch has burned Jon’s body (and they’ve got to burn his body, otherwise he’ll turn into a White Walker). Like, duh, we’ll see Corpse Jon.

And hate to even mention it, but this could be something else to throw us completely off the Jon Snow track. Like, Harington couldn’t have mentioned this four months ago to call us down, because we’ve fallen into so many Jon Snow Theory Holes over his ultimate fate? He also adds that the only thing he knows about the upcoming season is that he knows “how long [he’s] a corpse for,” and that could mean, he’s not a corpse forever.

The big take away here is that he’ll be back — one way or another. Whether he’ll be breathing remains to be seen.

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