The ‘GoT’ passage you might have missed that hints Jon Snow’s actual fate

Was season five of Game of Thrones the end of Jon Snow, but like REALLY the end of Jon Snow? Proceed with caution because there are spoilers ahead if you are not up to date with the series and the books. Go for it if you’re as into GoT conspiracy theories as we are!

Here’s what we know: Jon Snow met his fate at the Wall when a gang of his own men banded together to kill him even after his great escape from the White Walkers. Each man took a turn stabbing him and saying, “For the watch.” Basically, it was brutal and we hated it because we, like the rest of the world, love Jon Snow and all he stands for.

However, there has been skepticism about how dead his character really is. The actor who plays him, Kit Harington, is still sporting his long Jon Snow hair. He’s allegedly been spotted on the set for season six. And sis co-stars keep dropping hints that he’s coming back. Make it happen!

And now, a GoT subreddit (via Mashable) brings us a new reading on how Jon Snow could be coming back. An astute fan highlighted a passage in A Dance with Dragons in which Melisandre foreshadows Jon Snow’s death to him, telling him that his men would kill him. But the line they pull out is when she tells him to not reject her friendship, saying, “This is my place, as it is yours, and soon enough you may have a grave need of me.”

We’ll highlight it for you: grave need. We already know Melisandre has access to the kind of magic that can bring back the dead. Was all her flirtation and interest in the book and the fifth series and ends to some necromancing of Jon Snow?

It would bring him back, although perhaps not as quite the same man, which is a chilling thought. Either way, we’re excited about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones —from everything we’ve heard, it’s going to be an insane season. 

(Image via HBO)