This Jon Snow ‘GoT’ theory is making the Internet’s brain explode

We’ve got a new Game of Thrones theory for you to wrap your brain around. Yes, it involves Jon Snow. No, it doesn’t actually involve any sort of speculation as to how he’s going to come back to life. Instead, this new theory suggests that there is another Snow out there. Could Jon have a twin sister?

Before we dive into the good stuff for this theory, remember first that there’s another theory out there that suggests that Jon Snow’s parentage lies with Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This theory is called R + L = J, and works off of the basis that this Targaryen and Stark had a child — Jon — and on her death bed Lyanna made Ned Stark promise to keep Jon safe. This actually makes Jon Ned’s nephew . . . and also Daenerys’ nephew. It’s a lot to process, I know. But put all your other GoT speculations aside, and follow this one like a three-eyed raven.

There have been theories over the years that Jon could have a twin, and that idea is making its rounds on the Internet again. Earlier this week one Reddit user, ghostchief, posted their predictions as to how Season 6 of GoT might open, and it involves Lyanna handing over her children, and then dying. It’s all but officially confirmed that Tower of Joy (where Lyanna was located when she died) will make an appearance next season. During a flashback there, we might see Lyanna give Jon to Ned and then the other baby to the other person in the Tower. Who else is there? Howland Reed, who conveniently enough has a daughter named Meera who JUST HAPPENS to be out with Bran Stark on his raven-quest.

Meera also JUST HAPPENS to look at lot like Jon, right down to the curly hair. Know who Meera doesn’t look like? Her actual brother on the show, Jojen.

Other evidence adds up, like the fact that we don’t know the identity of Meera’s mother, Meera and Jon are both the same age, and both have lived faaaaaaaaar away from King’s Landing their whole lives. This is to keep them safe, because if word got out that there was a Targaryen child out there, they’d both be in major danger, since Jon and Meera would have claim to the Iron Throne.

Yes, this theory does sound a lot like what happens in Star Wars, where twins Luke and Leia are separated to keep them safe and grow up in adopted families. However, GoT scribe, George R. R. Martin has admitted before that he’s drawn inspiration from other stories — like Lord of the Rings — and he could have borrowed this plot line right from a galaxy far, far, away. Out of all the crazy GoT theories, this is actually one of the LEAST crazy ones we’ve ever heard.

It’s going to be hard to prove this theory, seeing as how Jon is dead (“dead, question mark”), Ned is dead, Meera is who knows where, and  Howland has never appeared on GoT before. Doesn’t mean he won’t appear. Season 6 is shooting right now and has cast a bunch of new characters, all of whom are being kept TOP SECRET. Could Season 6 really be the season we learn all about Jon Snow’s past? Regardless of the fact that he’s “dead” of course.

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