If you’re hoping for a Jon Snow/Daenerys wedding, this ancient “Game of Thrones” pact is on your side!

Sometimes being a major fan of Game of Thrones isn’t easy. I mean, you have to constantly stay on the edge of your seat and question everything you think you know while often dealing with some pretty traumatic deaths of your favorite characters.

*Warning: Spoilers if you’re not caught up on the end of season 6. Whether or not you read on knowing that is up to you. Unlike some people on the show, we’re not going to boss you around and tell you what to do.*


All the crazy emotional investment in every jam-packed episode of GoT is always worth it. At least it’ll all be worth it when Jon and Daenerys finally meet and join forces to take down both Ceresi and The White Walkers…right?

Because, let’s be honest, we’ve all been rooting for a Jon/Daenerys partnership for a while. And now that they’ve both become pretty powerful in their own right (and most definitely earned every bit of that adoration). While there have definitely been some surprise relationships we’ve been totally shipping, there’s been no bigger dream than imagining Jon and Daenerys ruling together (and, let’s be real, falling in love in the process). Sure, they’re technically confirmed cousins now, but that’s actually the Targaryen way so it may (weirdly) make Daenerys more open to it. Plus, they’d be so cute together we’d totally get over in like two seconds.

And, it turns out, there’s actually an ancient pact between House Stark and House Targaryen that could maybe help us see this dream turn into a reality. During the Targaryen civil war (known as the Dance of the Dragons), House Stark supported Queen Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne in exchange for a promise that a Targaryen Princess would marry into House Stark. A promise that has yet to be fulfilled.

And, we now know Jon is legit House Stark and legit House Targaryen. Not to mention he’s a crazy good fighter with a huge amount of support who has plenty of reason to hate Cersei and all things Lannister. So he’s basically Daenerys’ (and all of our) dream guy.


And Daenerys is honest, powerful, has technical claim over Dragonstone where there’s tons of Dragonglass which can actually kill White Walkers, and rolls with some fire-breathing dragons which could also straight up kill a bunch of White Walkers. So she’s basically his (non-Wildling) dream girl.


Oh, and both of them don’t die easily. So this is basically a match made in heaven. Or one of the heavens. Or by the Old Gods or maybe the New.

The point is, we’re feeling it. And excited that there’s actually an ancient pact that may help push them past just partnership and into a Marriage of Ice and Fire.

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