Jon Hamm pretends to be Amy Schumer’s co-star. Bill Hader no likey.

In a promotional interview with ExtraTV, Amy Schumer is asked about her upcoming movie Trainwreck, specifically what it was like to work with her co-star, Bill Hader. “People were like, ‘is he leading man material?’ and I was like, ‘I think so!’ I feel like he’s really kinda come into his own. Being a leading man now. Would you say it’s changed you?” Schumer asks and turns to not Hader, but Jon Hamm. Who’s sitting next to her. Pretending to be Bill Hader. As one does.

As the interview goes on, Hamm does NOT break character —he is Hader ALL THE WAY, doing the same awkward voices and mannerisms, and showing off his best “Stefon” from Saturday Night Live. And he seriously (OK maybe not so seriously) might of even pulled it off had Hader not walked in on the interview and awkwardly broke up the charade.

“Jon what are you doing?” Hader asks, totally hurt. “Amy, what’s going on?” We don’t want to spoil the cringe-worthy interactions between the three actors, so we’ll just leave this video for you to watch. You are welcome.

[Featured image c/o YouTube.]

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