Jon Hamm hilariously reminds us of Jon Stewart’s other talent

Jon Stewart is a man of many talents. He’s singlehandedly redefined critical news coverage with the The Daily Show, and repeatedly brought out our slow-claps with his crystallized interpretations of world eventsHe directed the feature-length, Rosewater, last year. Hey, he even did some acting in the ’90s (no, we’ll never forget The Faculty). Now, as he gears up to leave the Daily Show behind for real, this is the perfect time to reflect on some other amazing things that Stewart can do. Like singing.

If you watch The Daily Show on the regular, you know that Stewart likes to break into song here and there. Nothing huge, no show stopping musical productions, but singing does happen quite frequently. Frequently enough, that it’s about time someone put together a montage of some of these moments.

Luckily, Stewart’s pal, Jon Hamm, was on hand to introduce us to an amazing vocal round-up, and describe Jon’s voice as what happens if “Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, and Luciano Pavarotti [have] a threesome and [give] birth to the perfect set of vocal chords.”

In between lots of show-tune riffs, Stewart actually does manage to deliver us the news, which is quite an impressive feat. Who’s going to sing to us about health care and international policies once he leaves the Daily Show? We’ve got to agree with Hamm, when he says that “nothing on this Earth produces a sound quite like [Stewart].”

Check out the whole musical number below, and if you want to watch Stewart and Hamm riff on each other, check out the interview that follows, where Stewart coins a new perfect term: a “Hamm bucket list.”

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