Here’s all the evidence that Jon Snow and Daenerys both fit this very important “Game of Thrones” theory

You know how we are reminded that “winter is coming” like every other episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones? Well, there’s a prophecy in the world of Westeros about “the prince who was promised” who will be a big deal when winter finally comes. This prince, Azor Ahai, is only mentioned in little nuggets in the TV show but there’s a lot of helpful details in the books that suggest that Jon Snow and Daenerys are both in the running.

The gist of the prophecy is that Azor Ahai will be a great hero who will use his magical sword Lightbringer to fight against the darkness. He will be born after a long summer and he will show up with an evil darkness spreads over the world.

So the setting is just about right, seeing as we have this dude to manage:


Yeah, we’re gonna need someone a little tougher than Tommen “Baratheon” (Lannister) to fight off these guys.

Aside from the timing, Azor Ahai will show certain signs. First of all, they are the blood of the dragon, which presumably makes them a Targaryan. While Daenerys obviously has this part down, there’s mounting evidence that Jon Snow is very likely a secret Targaryen himself.


The promised prince will be born among smoke and salt. Daenerys was born in Dragonstone (surrounded by salt water) and was “reborn” at the end of the first season when she hatched her dragons in a fire. So, that one’s pretty solid for her.


But, ICYMI, Jon Snow was also just reborn. The salt could have been from the tears shed around him by his fellow, loyal Crows. And the smoke could have been, well, there’s always fire around on the Wall. And Melisandre was invoking the Lord of the Light who’s basically obsessed with fire when she was bringing him back. Not to mention, there was this moment between when Melisandre first saw Jon that was like, whoa.


The point is, these prophecies can be interpreted loosely so Jon is totally still in the running.

Another sign of the promised prince is that they will be “born beneath a bleeding star,” which was again obvious with Daenerys since a red comet conspicuously showed up the day of her dragon rebirth. As for Jon, it could be that we haven’t yet seen it or that his “bleeding star” wasn’t as obvious. I mean, he was  bleeding when he was reborn because of all the stab wounds… so that could count, right?


Azor Ahai will wake dragons out of stone. This sign is again obvious with Daenerys (I mean, that’s basically what she does) and a little more possibly metaphorical with Jon Snow (there’s said to be an ice dragon inside the Wall…).

An important accessory to the promised prince is their sword Lightbringer, which they will draw from the flames. This time, Daenerys has the more metaphorical “sword” with her dragons being her most powerful weapon. While Jon Snow has an awesome sword made of Valyrian steel, which we’ve already seen successfully in action against White Walkers.

For the record, we’d still take dragons.


Finally, the promised prince will have to “make a sacrifice.” While this is the most open to interpretation of all the signs, both Daenerys and Jon Snow had the rare chance to meet the respective loves of their lives and both lost them tragically.

So while Daenerys clearly has a few more obvious signs that she may be Azor Ahai, Jon Snow has a pretty strong case for it as well. Not to mention, Melisandre seems to have an inkling when Jon comes back to life.

No matter who it ends up being, the two will likely end up helping each other at some point. And we’re just glad that the two characters we root for the most may actually end up being two of the most important people in all of Westeros.

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