This little girl teaches her dad some major lessons on weddings, wins the Internet

4-year-old JoJo Lomelino takes her flower girl duties VERY seriously and isn’t afraid to lay down the law. And we really admire her for that.

For one of her YouTube videos – which are equal parts adorable and informative, BTW – JoJo schools her dad in Weddings 101. Why? To prevent him from embarrassing her at a wedding, of course.

“You didn’t throw flowers and you was not at a wedding. So Dad, you don’t know what weddings look like, but now you’re gonna know what weddings look like and you’re gonna see us and then you have to remember what weddings look like, so that you can’t talk to people, okay?” explains the helpful young lady. Fair enough.

It seems that JoJo’s dad wants to cheer her on as she’s walking down the aisle, but she is NOT having it. “No one can call us because we’re gonna be busy walking down the aisle,” she emphasizes. This is one flower girl we don’t want to mess with – that’s for sure.

Then again, who can blame her? After all, she is wearing a gorgeous red dress and deserves to have her moment in the spotlight. And what about the wedding as a whole? If JoJo had anything to do with it, we have a feeling that everything went off without a hitch.

But guys. It turns out that JoJo’s dad hasn’t quite grasped this concept yet because he has one more question for his daughter: “What if I just yell, ‘PRINCESS!’?”

Her immediate response: NO. And come on Dad, remember the LAST time you tried calling JoJo a “princess”? It was just as adorable.

She then goes on to explain why, making sure that her dad truly gets it THIS time around. “Dad, there’s gonna be a bunch of people sitting and then they’re just gonna hear us. They’re gonna be like, ‘Why are they doing that?’” JoJo says. “And they’re not gonna think you’re a good daddy.” Well, you certainly can’t argue with that logic.

To finish off her flawless explanation, the 4-year-old proclaims, “You do not understand weddings. AT ALL.”

Watch the entire cute scene right here:

We have a feeling that JoJo would be a superb wedding planner, especially if Wedding Rule #1 is: you do not scream “Princess!” in the middle of a wedding.

[Image via YouTube]

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