Start your week off right with these new tracks from JoJo (yes, that JoJo)

2016 is definitely going to be JoJo’s year, y’all: After finally extricating herself from a record label situation that kept her from formally releasing music for years (though she dropped two free mixtapes during that time), she’s been on a roll. #LoveJo came out this Valentine’s Day, and her “tringle” (three singles) EP dropped in August. Now, she’s released one final gift for her patient fans: An all-new (ish) EP #LoveJo2, perfect for blasting all holiday season long and beyond.

We say “ish” because there’s technically only one fully new song: “Right On Time,” which heavily lifts from Donna Lewis’s “I Love You Always Forever.” (You’ll know it when you hear it.) “Back2Life” is a cover/remix of Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life”; “Thinkin Out Loud” is a longer version of a song on her experimental mixtape Agápē; lastly, there’s a remix of one of her tringles, “When Love Hurts.” Despite the many disparate origins of the EP’s songs though, they all showcase the qualities that we know and love JoJo for: “I’ve seen it all” lyrics delivery and unbelievably catchy melodies. (Just think about “Too Little Too Late” and you’ll instantly imagine the chorus.)

For now, we’ll be blasting all of her songs from 2015 together, but no fear: Her new album (!) will be out next week. Listen to #LoveJo2 below:

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