Watch this little girl school her dad on why she’s NOT a princess

Plenty of young girls have been called “princesses” by their parents, aunts, uncles, and other family members and have likely not thought twice about it. Though some of us might not mind the cutesy title, being a princess is just not for everyone. Especially not for JoJo. After her father calls her a princess, this little girl shuts him down —more than once.

JoJo explains to her father that she is not a princess for several reasons, starting with the fact that her dress is obviously not a dress for a princess. Though I personally really love JoJo’s pink summer dress, she is making a solid point in the fact that most princesses probably own something a wee bit fancier. JoJo’s father continues his attempts to convince her that she is a princess, only to be proven wrong, again and again. Logistics are just NOT on your side, Dad!

Besides beautiful dresses, princesses have gorgeous jewelry, right? JoJo rightfully describes what she believes a princess would be wearing on her wrist:

And even more important than a sparkly bracelet is a sparkly headband, tbh. And, as JoJo explains, princesses have “real, real sparkly princess headbands.” Of course they do! Her dad tries to teach JoJo a life lesson by explaining that even if a princess has a headband, the headband doesn’t make the princess. They have to take all sparkly headgear off to shower, right?

Wrong, Dad. JoJo quickly informs her dad that princess don’t take showers. DUH.

Though I think princesses probably take showers, it is really refreshing to hear this take on royal life. I hate taking showers, so I might try to be a princess if it meant I was off the hook. Dry shampoo works wonders, after all!

JoJo’s determined father keeps trying to interject, but she continues to shut him down. Yes, this little gal is an argumentative child, but she knows what she is talking about.

When her father —who is trying so hard to get her to agree with him— calls himself a king (which would make her a princess), the little lady shuts him down immediately.

Sorry, Dad. Though some of us may believe our fathers to be kings, JoJo cannot be convinced that her family is royalty —herself included. Through one adorable little girl, we should all be reminded that not all girls wish to be princesses, no matter how hard you try. Sparkly headbands and skipping showers is not for everyone.

Watch JoJo tell her dad what’s what right here:

Featured image and video via YouTube.

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