Johnny Depp’s new movie with daughter Lily-Rose already looks awesome

It’s not like we’re surprised that wildly impressive actor, Johnny Depp, has a wildly impressive daughter. But at only 16, Lily-Rose has already proven to be a fashion muse, an Insta-guru, a killer party planner and now a real-deal actress.

Following in the footsteps of her dad, she’s already been in Kevin Smith’s 2014 horror flick Tusk, and is next set to star in Yoga Hosers —a spin-off of Tusk. Best of all, her dad has joined her in both movies!

Yoga Hosers, which is set for release sometime this year, is a “horror-comedy” about two yoga-obsessed teen girls who make it their mission to attend a much talked about senior high-school party. This mission, according to People, gets thwarted when they have to “face monstrous forces when everything goes wrong.” Sounds like Superbad meets The Blair Witch Project, right? Actress Harley Quinn Smith plays Colleen McKenzie, best friend and sidekick to LR’s Colleen Collette. IRL,the two have known each other since kindergarten!

Johnny Depp is set to play Guy Lapointe, a “legendary man-hunter” who is known for his paranormal creature ass-kicking. And for saving high-school parties, because duh.

According to Kevin Smith, the film’s director, it was super adorbs watching the Depps act together. “There’s a scene in an interrogation room between the two of them and they’re actually trying to out act each other and it’s really cute. Then Lily busts out some French – because she speaks French really fluently – and just shows him up,” Smith tells People.

Producer Kim Leadford adds, “They have such a sweet and funny relationship. They’re buddies and they’re really sweet with each other.” Major swoons.

The movie itself looks pretty crazy. Scoping out some of the set photos from Daily Mail, we can witness a very unrecognizable Johnny Depp wearing a hilarious fake mustache and matching pair of eyebrows. If you’ve seen Tusk, in which Depp plays the same character, you already know those prosthetics make him extremely hard to recognize. (FYI: he’s even credited in the cast as Guy Lapointe, his characters name, rather than Johnny Depp. Like we wouldn’t find him out!)

In this snapshot, the two Colleens seem to be in some trouble with the law. Oh dear. Executive producer Jennifer Schwalbach uploaded the pic to Twitter with the caption, ‘This will certainly be my ‘Yoga Hosers’ first and only mug shot. Harley Quinn and Lily-Rose, I mean the ‘COLLEENS.’”

While we’re interested to know how the two Colleens found themselves in dressed in orange, we’re most excited to see some daddy-daughter acting.

“The whole movie is a real charm factory,” Smith tells People. “It’s just charm city, particularly watching a father and daughter act with each other.”


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