Johnny Depp got a life-size painting of himself and clearly has no idea what to do with it

What would you do if someone suddenly handed you a giant life-size painting of yourself? Would you be excited, or just straight up shocked to be staring at your face drawn onto a canvas? Would you take it home with you, or politely pawn it off to your parents for them to hang above the mantel? Just…what?

These are all questions Johnny Depp now has to ask himself, because earlier today at the premiere for Alice Through the Looking Glass, the second-time Mad Hatter was handed a giant painting himself as the four-time Jack Sparrow (and soon, fifth). You’d probably be a little shocked if you were handed a giant painting bearing your likeness, and that’s actually the same reaction Depp had. Shock, and then a little bit of awwww.



The painting, done by a fan waiting alongside the carpet, is actually pretty damn good. We’re 99.9% certain the artist in question is the woman on with the red hair in this picture, since she seems to be explaining all the finer details of her artwork to Mr. Depp. It’s actually really impressive for a giant painting of our favorite Captain, and if you, yourself, are looking for some new artwork in the living room, you might want to track this artist down.


As for the painting’s whereabouts right now, that’s up in the air. First, the painting is handed off to Depp’s bodyguard.


After that, it ends up in the hands of this woman, and whoever she is, and whatever relationship she has to Deep, she is SO, SO HAPPY to be carrying this giant painting. Do you think she took it in to the premiere, and it got its own seat? Do you think the painting ended up at the post-premiere party? Do you think she’s the one who actually took it home with her?


That’s the last we get to see of this painting — for now. Hopefully, Lily-Rose Depp takes to Instagram to show us exactly which wall it ends up hanging on (unless she’s like “Ugh, dad, come on.“). We’ve got to know that this giant painting story has a happy ending.

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