Johnny Depp stunned Disneyland visitors in the most awesome way

Johnny Depp is known for getting into character and for adding some madness to his method acting, so it’s no surprise that he went full Mad Hatter in celebration of his newest film Alice Through The Looking Glassgiving recent visitors to Disneyland quite the happy surprise!

As visitors to Disneyland walked by a seemingly ordinary billboard for the film, the actor “magically” came to life on the screen (or should we say, through the looking glass?). Thanks to hidden cameras, Depp as the Mad Hatter interacted with a few lucky (albeit shocked) fans. Keep an eye out for his fantastic sneeze, which delighted a crowd of onlookers. Thanks to Depp’s willingness to play, Disneyland really lived up to its name as happiest place on earth that day!

Curiouser and curiouser! This makes us all the more excited for the movie, which opens nationwide on May 27th. See a trailer for the film below.

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