John Stamos had a pants-related wardrobe malfunction on stage, but recovered like a champ

When you wear tight pants, you assume all risk of them splitting right down the middle, revealing whatever it is you’re wearing under said pants (if anything at all). Which is exactly what happened to John Stamos at a recent show. Lucky for him, he was wearing underwear.

While performing on stage with the Beach Boys (because yes, they’re performing buddies IRL), Stamos’ pants split down the middle during the show. So basically it could have been an episode of Full House, except he didn’t get super embarrassed, requiring a heart-to-heart and lots of hugs. He simply kept on rocking like the champ he is.

Because Uncle Jesse…err Stamos…is a rock legend. (Jesse and the Rippers, anyone?)

Since Stamos enjoys being the butt of the joke (sorry), he posted a clip of the incident to Instagram, and it was pant-splitting funny (sorry again).

He captioned the video, "...and then, somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun - I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area.... #SplitPants #TheBeachBUNS #showmustgoon"

The video obviously doesn’t show the split taking place, but the aftermath. We LOL-ed when Stamos realized what happened to his nether region, and opened up the tear a little for the camera.

Stamos clearly knows what the people want.

The performance took place on Sunday at the NYCB Theatre in Westbury, NY. Check out the full video of The Beach Boys and Stamos performing “Fun, Fun, Fun.” Pay close attention to Stamos around the 1:00 minute mark for a different view of his revelation. And then enjoy the rest of the song, because it’s the BEACH BOYS!!


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