We have our first look at John Stamos’ return as Uncle Jesse

HAVE MERCY the hair is back. The Full House reboot, Fuller House, is in full swing, and now we’ve got the first image of the first cast member stopping by this great, big Tanner family reunion. Uncle Jesse, it is so good to have you back. It also appears as if Uncle Jesse hasn’t aged a day in about twenty years.

John Stamos has been a champion of the Full House reboot since the very beginning — he was actually the one to break the big news back in April — so it’s fitting that he’s the first one we get to see, too. Here we’ve got Stamos in front of his trailer — appropriately labeled, “Jesse” — checking out his script. As he writes in the text, “same sideburns, different decade.”

We have missed this hair so much. No, don’t touch it! Don’t touch the hair! Just admire it from a far for all its beauty.

Can we also put in a request for a Jesse & The Rippers reunion inside the Full House reunion? Yeah, sounds good, right?

With the show in production right now, hopefully that means we’ll start getting more and more behind-the-scenes pics. Fuller House is slated to drop onto Netflix, all 13 glorious episodes of it, sometime in early 2016. We’ll see you there, dude.

(Image via Instagram.)

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