Is John Stamos now involved in the Josh Peck and Drake Bell wedding beef?

Everyone is pretty torn up about all of this Josh Peck and Drake Bell wedding drama, you know, the time Josh Peck got married and didn’t invite Drake Bell to the wedding. And we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but things don’t seem to be looking up for the ex-besties. Peck’s co-star John Stamos seems to have chosen his side in the entire mix. The Full House alum took to his social media page to share a picture of he and Peck having a loving bromance moment during, what appears to be, the recent wedding festivities. And even allegedly took a little dig.

We get it, OK. Some friendships don’t last forever. And when bromances begin at such a young age, as Peck and Bell’s did, growing up and, sometimes, apart happens more times than what we’d like to admit. The news of Peck and Bell parting ways so abruptly is a little hard to handle, however. And we so hate hearing that our favorite onscreen bros are on the outs.

John Stamos, on the other hand, seems to be benefiting from the wedding beef.

In all fairness, we totally don’t think Stamos meant to throw actual shade on the whole wedding beef situation. He could just be happy that he got to attend the wedding of his colleague and best pal. After all, things are bound to get misconstrued on the internet. So, let’s take his post and caption with a grain of salt.

All in all, it’s nice to see that someone’s smiling during this whole ordeal. You have to admit — Peck and Stamos do look pretty happy hanging out together. As for Bell, let’s hope that he has his own confidant to turn to during this time, as well.