John Stamos and Jimmy Kimmel act out sitcom intros. Just watch.

Real talk: Great sitcom intros are serious works of art. Truly all it takes is a couple of bars of an opening theme song to set the tone for a half hour of awesome. Think: the Family Matters intro, The Boy Meets World intro, the Full House intro . . . we could totally keep going.

Sure these masterful opening vignettes may look like a perfect piece of cake, but getting the right moves and the moves right isn’t always easy, which is something Jimmy Kimmel learned last night when he and John Stamos tried to create the perfect sitcom intro.

Of course, John Stamos has a bit of an advantage. After all, he starred on Full House, where he was able to perfect the pivot-towards-the-camera-and-smile move. Can he teach Jimmy the right way to go from reading a book to smiling at the audience? These are the skills one needs to excel in a sitcom intro!

Check out what Jimmy and John put together.

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