John Stamos and Jimmy Fallon just revealed the hilarious way they first met

The beginnings of beautiful friendships don’t always happen how you’d expect. John Stamos and Jimmy Fallon know that more than anyone. When John stopped by The Tonight Show last night to talk about his new TV series, Grandfathered, Jimmy brought up their awkward first encounter so they could finally clear the air.

The two were attending a Paul McCartney concert and ended up being seated right next to each other. Jimmy did what any of us would do if we realized John Stamos was nearby: he introduced himself. Except, that didn’t really go as planned. Because of the way they were positioned, they did a whole lot more than just shake hands, and it’s haunted Jimmy to this day.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, John doesn’t remember their introduction being as uncomfortable as Jimmy explains it, but as cringe-worthy as it is, we totally hope it’s true. It makes sense that two very hilarious people would meet in a very hilarious way.

See what happened below!

(Image via YouTube)

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