ICYMI, John Stamos still does a perfect impression of Elvis

If you grew up with Full House, or have watched any reruns of the show, you may remember John Stamos doing Elvis Presley impersonations. Well, ICYMI, John Stamos still does a perfect impression of Elvis, and has for years, as Billboard reported. Recently on Instagram, Stamos posted a photo of himself looking like Elvis while bowling at The White House. And in past years, he has done everything from dressing and singing like Elvis on Full House to making public appearances as the “King of Rock and Roll” at Elvis’ mansion. While visiting Graceland back in the 1990s for a TV special, Stamos even got to play one chord of Elvis’ piano (!).

"I think the first time I saw him, the word 'supernova' came into my head," Stamos said, according to Billboard. "I was just immediately in awe. He had it all. Nobody's had it all. People have good voices, or they're good looking, or they're charismatic, or they're good people, but it's the combination."

So it makes ~perfect sense~ why Stamos impersonates Elvis a lot, and he does an ahhhhhh-mazing job doing so. Here’s Stamos’ Insta post as Elvis. The resemblance is so similar, we had to do a double-take!

Btw, Stamos was at The White House to perform as part of PBS’ Capitol Fourth. As for a fun Stamos-Elvis fact: Stamos is the narrator on the Elvis tour at Graceland, according to Us Weekly. Tbh, we’re not surprised! Now, we ~really~ want to take a trip there! Who’s in?!

However, in the same Us Weekly article, Stamos says he’s been in many musicals on stage and TV, “but I don't actually like to sing.

Whaaaaaaaaat?! Could have fooled us!

Here are even more throwback images to Stamos as Elvis on Full House, along with Becky (Lori Loughlin) — erm, Priscilla Presley.

And even some other Full House plots centered around Elvis!

If you’re like us and ~can’t get enough~ of Stamos as Elvis, check out this YouTube clip of Stamos on Full House back in the day.


Again, we think Stamos is SUPER convincing as Elvis. Back in 2010, Time thought so, too, and included him in a list of “Top 10 Elvis Impersonators.” Johnny Cash and Andy Kaufman were a couple of others who made the cut, too. All that said, we hope Stamos keeps doing Elvis impersonations for years and years to come! Speaking of which, we’re going to go rewatch that whole Full House episode now, so brb!