John Stamos got emotional when he saw the first promo for “Fuller House”

The Full House reboot, Fuller House, might just be the most talked-about TV comeback of the past few years. We’re so excited to see our favorite characters back together again, but no one is more excited than John Stamos, who revealed to People that he got a bit emotional recently when he thought about everything that had happened.

While we’re emotional just thinking about the chance to watch the show again, the actors’ nostalgia is even stronger. People was curious to know if John, who plays Uncle Jesse on the show, had ever welled up at the thought of this reunion, and he was totally honest.

“This is so stupid, but it was when I saw the first promo for Fuller House,” he admits. “Even shooting it, I never got too emotional. When they released it, I woke up and watched it in my bed with my dog just bawling my head off.”

We have a feeling we’ll be doing something similar come February 26, when the show hits Netflix. At least we know we definitely won’t be the only ones.