John Stamos called a fan’s ex boyfriend to yell at him, because he will always be Uncle Jesse

Have mercy! When John Stamos went to visit Long Beach Memorial (he visits every year —aw!), he met a fan named Amanda whose boyfriend just recently broke up with her. Since Stamos is still everyone’s perfect uncle Jesse, John Stamos decided to call Amanda’s ex-boyfriend Jorge to help her out. “Jorge, this is John Stamos,” he said, as seen in an edited clip posted by People. “I’m with Amanda, my new girlfriend. Apparently you guys broke up and I swooped right in. So, your loss, Jorge, your loss, because Amanda’s a great gal.” Stamos didn’t give up after that. After leaving the message, he called again, and got Jorge on the line.

Stamos hilariously spoke to Jorge on speaker phone.

“Jorge?” he said. “Hey, Jorge? Hi, this is John Stamos.”

“Oh my God!” Amanda exclaimed, as one does when John Stamos is calling your ex to let him know he missed out. Stamos later told her ex, “We heard you broke up with Amanda, so we got our asses down to the hospital and now we’re all dating and we don’t need you, Jorge.”

“Well, I think you made a big mistake but it’s nice to meet you, pal,” Stamos added.

“Thank you, John Stamos,” Jorge replied.

Hopefully this starts a trend where John Stamos calls and scolds all of our exes. It could even be something he auctions off. We’re sure there are plenty of ladies who would be willing to donate money so Uncle Jesse would call their exes. We’ll draft the business model, John just give us a call and let us know if you’re interested. We have the numbers, you have the hard truths.