John Stamos married Caitlin McHugh, but one BIG thing went wrong during their wedding weekend

Love is in the air. On Saturday, February 3rd, John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh — who are expecting their first child — tied the knot, and we are so happy for them! The ceremony took place at a church in Studio City, California, followed by a reception at John Stamos’s Beverly Hills home. It all sounds like a fairy-tale affair so far, right? Well, one thing went seriously wrong during the otherwise blissful wedding weekend.

The Beverly Hills Police department confirmed that someone broke into McHugh’s hotel room and stole an estimated $165,000 worth of jewelry on Friday evening. Neither McHugh nor Stamos was present during the burglary, and the incident is still under investigation. A robbery is definitely not how you want to kick off your wedding weekend, but we’re glad everyone is otherwise safe and sound.

After dating for two years, John Stamos proposed to McHugh at Disneyland in October 2017. McHugh is a huge Disney fan, and before he popped the question, Stamos screened a compilation of cute scenes from Disney and Pixar movies. It ended with the scene from The Little Mermaid, saying, “Just ask the girl.” Aww.

Not long before the proposal, the couple found out that they were pregnant. So Stamos reasoned that it was a good a time as any for them to get married. Like a proper gentleman, he got permission from McHugh’s parents first.

And being the Disney superfan that she is, McHugh got the fairy tale proposal of her dreams.

It’s sad to hear about McHugh’s missing jewelry, but hopefully the wedding weekend was dreamy enough to make up for it.

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