John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” is coming back tomorrow, and here are our favorite moments

The moment is almost here: Last Week Tonight returns tomorrow. It’s true, John Oliver’s series is back for a fourth season, and we’re reliving some of our favorite moments before the new season begins.

There have already been three fabulous seasons of the hilarious and brutally honest show, and now we’re ready for more. With so much political craziness happening these days, we’re sure the British comedian is going to have a LOT to say.

The 39-year-old talk show host has spoken about numerous topics. There have been episodes about abortion, U.S. prisons, and International Women’s Day, for starters.

Ahead of the new season of the HBO show, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best moments from Oliver so far. We’re sure there will be many more to come, but until then, we’re going to laugh at these ones.

12016 Election Names

Okay, this is actually a combination of numerous episodes, but we had to include it. Throughout 2016, Oliver thought of numerous alternative titles for the 2016 U.S. election, and they are all great. Some of them include, “A horrifying glimpse at Satan’s Pinterest Board,” “Lice on rats on a horse corpse on fire,” and “The Clowntown F**k-The-World Shitshow.” To hear all of them, just watch this video.

2Miss America Pageant

In 2014, the comedian dissected the Miss America pageant, asking how on earth is it still happening? It is a pretty great question, because parts of it make no sense. Plus, Oliver had an ingenious and creative way to describe Donald Trump.

3Failing Journalism

Way before the current political climate shined a light on what could go wrong with journalism, the English comedian pointed to it. He said, “Sooner or later, we are going to have to pay for journalism, or we are all going to pay for it.” This is such a relevant issue today, with fake news taking over.


This episode was all about prison and the fact the U.S. has more prisoners than any other country, including China. Oliver takes you through all of the facts. Oh, and there’s the whole sunny Sesame Street tangent.


No topic is ever off limits for Oliver and his chats, and we are so happy about that. One of our favorite moments was when the comedian took a stab at the NCAA and their exploitation of student athletes. He created a fake video game called March Sadness. It was funny, yet to the point.


Have you ever wondered why we even have pennies? They actually cost more money to make than they are worth, which is SO interesting. Oliver points out why they are truly “garbage,” and it’s so on point.

7Sex Education

Surprise, surprise: Sex education is not as helpful as you’d think when it comes to the American school system. This episode analyzes how sex ed used to be, in comparison to what it is today. The tools being used are inaccurate, cost a lot of money, and aren’t as useful as they should be. PS: Sex ed is not mandatory everywhere, which is half the battle.

8International Women’s Day

What’s better than International Women’s Day? Oliver talking about how political figures all over the world awkwardly addressed it. Seriously, some of these speeches are absurd.


Tobacco is bad, we know that now, and Oliver isn’t letting you forget it. He took fans through the history of cigarette ads, including the “cool” phase, which is still successful, despite its new regulations. He even proposed a new branding idea to tell the true to everyone. It was called, “Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat.” Pretty catchy, right?


In 2015, Oliver took down the crazy U.S. patent system. He talked about Shark Tank, called patents “legally binding dibs,” and pointed out how strange the whole idea is. Most importantly, he opened up about “patent trolls” and others who abuse the system. The truth is SO eye-opening.

What are you hoping to see when the new season premieres?