John Oliver has to teach Cookie Monster what a “biscuit” is, and it’s hilarious

In a charming conversation between Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster and TV host and satirist John Oliver, the two cover the essentials of moving to the UK. Cookie Monster has his passport and work permit, but is having some struggles with the language barrier. For instance, Cookie Monster is not sure how to say “hello,” or “good-bye” in proper English.

“You just say ‘goodbye.’ Some people say ‘ta-ta’ or ‘cheerio’ if you’re feeling fancy,” John Oliver instructs.

But suddenly, the conversation takes a dark turn. John Oliver calls Cookie Monster, “Biscuit Monster,” and totally blows Cookie Monster’s mind. In fact, Cookie Monster basically has a meltdown, thinking the UK is void of cookies. Which, as we all know, would NOT BE OKAY.

Does John Oliver get through to Cookie Monster? Does Cookie Monster accept biscuits into his life? Watch and see for yourself.