John Oliver has a great idea for a superhero movie, and it’s the superhero movie we deserve

John Oliver has a pitch for a new superhero movie that you need to hear. His HBO show Last Week Tonight is on break until September 25 (crying real tears over having to live a month without its brilliance), but luckily, the show releases web exclusives- and the most recent one is PERFECTION.

Oliver begins his pitch by saying he’s “on the Internet to do the most Internet thing imaginable: complain about superhero movies,” and already, we’re like, LOL. 

He describes previous superhero movies this year, calling Deadpoolmean Spider-Man,” and Dawn of Justicesad man vs. super sad man,” which is pretty much totally accurate. And then Oliver offers up an idea for a new superhero movie, one that will provide fans with a refreshing solution to seeing the same characters repeatedly: Johnny Strong.

Johnny Strong is, in fact, a character Oliver created in 5th grade: a mild-mannered 5th grader named John Olivier by day, he becomes a handsome superhero by…well, later in the day — between when school lets out, and dinner time, to be exact.

Johnny Strong’s villains include Doc Bedtime, a blanket monster that can thrust the world into darkness; and Mrs. Thomas, the clarinet teacher. As for Johnny’s costume, or “suit of ultimate power,” it’s footy pajamas that one has to “special order to fit a boy his size.

Is the idea kind of silly? Oh totally. Would we watch the heck out of a Johnny Strong movie anyway? A thousand times, yes.

Here’s hoping some studio bigwigs have seen the video, and that the Johnny Strong movie is already in the works! Hey, if Oliver can create his own church, what’s to stop Johnny Strong from saving the world?