John Oliver and Stephen Colbert shared some serious useful post-election advice at their live show

TV hosts John Oliver and Stephen Colbert got real about their Trump presidency fears, and we’re not laughing. Well, we are, because, come on, it’s those two. But the gentlemen had a tough beat for humor in their live post-election special last night, with Trump tensions running pretty thick.

“Wow, That Was Weird: A Post-Election Evening With Stephen Colbert and John Oliver,” was booked weeks before the election results. And we can bet that industry execs had a totally different election outcome than what we’re dealing with currently when planning the live show. It’s no secret that America has been pretty on edge since the results, and Colbert and Oliver are of no exception.

Themes of “what the hell happened?” and “what do we do now?” filled the night. And Colbert and Oliver shared some wise words about not becoming too complacent post-election.


Since Trump’s win, Oliver has admitted that it’s not much fun to write jokes about politics.

“You try and take things of substance and then put some sugar on it to make it palatable, Oliver said about his job. "But there was so little of substance, this whole campaign, it’s just like a diabetes-inducing amount of sugar. Your job kind of flips on its head.

Oliver definitely made his fair share of jokes about Trump’s bizarre campaign, which leads him to be a little skeptical about his future in America. While talking about it, the British host referred to his American wife as his “legal parachute,” annnnnnd we don’t think he’s kidding.


As for Colbert’s next steps…he’s going to try his hardest to look forward.

“I’m all for giving him a chance, said Colbert about Mr. Trump, “but don’t give him an inch. Because I believed everything he said, and I remember everything he said. And it’s horrifying.

Neither Oliver and Colbert fathomed that Trump would win the presidency. But, before searching for ways to cope, they suggest that everyone gets real about what this could mean for their personal lives.

“Not everyone is going to be O.K., Oliver said about the Trump-tensions in America. “You have to keep remembering that this is an abnormal version of what we’ve been through before.

It’s nice to know that we’re not the only one’s still completely stunned. At least we know we’ve got the best court-jesters in the world to help us through.

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