John Oliver helps you with those New Year’s resolutions you’ve already broken

It’s January 4th, which means we’ve had over 72 hours to make and likely break our ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Maybe we cracked and used our phones in bed, or slept through going to the gym on Sunday morning. Whatever is is we declared, chances are that even if we haven’t broken it yet, we probably will sometime in the next year. John Oliver knows this, which is why he popped up during Last Week Tonight‘s seemingly never-ending hiatus to give us a web exclusive clip all about managing the resolutions we already know we’re going to break.

As he explains, lofty New Year’s goals mean you’re half disappointing yourself and half disappointing other people as you confidently declare on Facebook that you’ll be running a half marathon this year, only to have the day come and instead post a picture of the incredible double-chocolate fudge brownies you’re making instead. Both options are great, but in order to shake that sense of defeat, John Oliver has some handy tips for making your New Year’s expectations a little easier to meet.

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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